Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vest fitting pattern

The vest fitting pattern is very important to your success

I did a search online and the site I send everyone to
 has moved or closed.

If you just bought the system 
If you didn't pick up a vest fitting pattern
If you aren't getting your patterns to fit as you like


Make it and don't settle for less than perfect fit.
Paper fit first for a quick look at the issues. 

1. Is the waist at your waist? No? bring it up, move it down
2. Are the shoulders as long or short as yours, do they slant as yours does?
3.  Is the vest flaring around your hips?  Don't let it flare, we should drape over our hips
4. Is the vest too long too short?
5. Are the darts getting the fullness under control? 
They can be moved or made larger or small.  

Make these changes on the vest pattern,
Make a list of what you changed so 
when you make your first Lutterloh pattern
all you need to do is follow that list and 
change the paper pattern before 
cutting it out in fashion fabric.

REMEMBER: Facing, button bands etc must reflect any changes you make

I've put a ruler so you can get the correct scale when printing. 
Most printers have a way to do a custom size 
that general works very well if you turn off scaling.

Use the Lutterloh tape measure to make this pattern
It came in your kit.

Don't bother to contact us for a tape measure
we are not Lutterloh, just a couple of people who
LOVE TO MAKE lutterloh patterns. 
You can find Lutterloh sites 
on the right of our site.



  1. i don't understand where to put my thumbtack: at my bust or at my hip measurement.

  2. Put your pin in the bust for anything above your waist use the hip measurement for anything below your waist

  3. The bust measurement is used for any dots above and including the waist. The hip measurement is used for any dots below the waist.

  4. Hello, I am looking for patterns 221 and 222 of the supplement 297. the booklet is exhausted in france. Can you help me?

  5. Sure Monique, if you look at the top of our right sidebar you'll see links to some of the Lutterloh websites from other countries. I see they have Supplement 297 available at both the UK and the German websites. We are not Lutterloh distributors so cannot provide any other help with supplements for sale.

  6. Monique, I just added a link to the Lutterloh website in France. It looks like they have Supplement 297 available again now too.

  7. I am so happy .. I completed my vest and made adjustments , figured out my the measurements that work for me. Thank you..

  8. Sashay, we're glad you're starting with the vest pattern for determining your size and adjustments. This really is the best place to start!

  9. I have just purchased a Lutterloh system and am confused about those dots that do not have numbers next to them but do have a number close by which does not have a line joining. These seem to be mostly at the sides of garments - can you help please.

  10. Occasionally, because of size constraints on the page the numbers won't be touching the lines or the lines aren't touching the dot. If you could tell us which pattern is confusing you we could give you more detailed advice. Please list your pattern as a number and year of publication.

  11. Thanks so much for the vest pattern and including the ruler to use for scaling when printing. There are some lovely Lutterloh patterns online, but without a ruler/scale it's impossible to know if the mini pattern is true to the original printed size.

  12. There is a video on Youtube for this.:-)

  13. I was searching for a free copy of this vest pattern as I am just starting with Lutterloh. My purchased set will arrive tomorrow and I don't think it comes with this beginner vest. I have tried to print and no matter what I cannot get a copy to measure correctly. I have tried increasing and decreasing the scale and even removing it but still to no avail. Do you have any suggestions on how to print this and get the sizing right At 100% I am 1/4" off. I appreciate any help. Thanks Nancy Olson

  14. Nancy,
    we can't really help with your printer. However my printer at the print window has a More and if I use the more arrow there is a print at certain percent's. I choose 100 %. Some printers have a don't fill the page print at the file settings. You will have to explore your printer. Look it up online by name and ask how to print to scale. You may collect the Vest pattern above. Or go to one of the Lutterloh for a free online copy. You must be very excited to get your patterns!

  15. Thank you for this response and I completely understand that you can't know my printer however, your note suggested an idea to me to remove the default setting of the margins and I think that will work. I do so appreciate your blog and all the notes you have provided. I have been having delivery problems to get my Lutterloh system and hopefully I'll get this resolved but I am eager to give it all a try. You have given me hope that I too can learn to use this system. I sincerely thank you again and look forward to receiving updates to your new posts. Thanks again. Nancy Olson (sorry to be anonymous but I don't have a google account)