Friday, March 20, 2015

Paper pattern fiting, this is a must watch video!

I've always been fond of the products and information
 I've gotten from Palmer/Pletsch

Melissa Watson has online this great video
on Paper fitting.  

The Lutterloh patterns are prefect for a paper fit!

If this link won't work for you go to youtube 
Put this in the search bar. 
Learn to Fit with Melissa Watson: McCall's M6989 Dress

The other really great thing in this 30 minute video 
is she does a princess line large bust 
adjustment in the video, one of the more complex adjustment.
You won't have the great Palmer/Pleitch adjustment lines
However you can add them yourself easily. 

I just re-watched this paper fitting video
aren't we lucky we can paperfit our Lutterloh before we add
the seam allowances!  
So many people who sew don't have helpers to fit them.
I don't so I set up my camera and take a photo of
each step.  Yes it takes longer but it works.
I can look at the photos on my camera so I do,
"oh I see I need a sway back adjustment"
(I'm going from the video)  
I take off the paper I make the adjustment and take another 
photo to see if I took the right amount.  
I do this for all adjustments.  I works!

Remember!  Once you make these adjustments you 
remember the amounts and use that adjustment in most 
all of your patterns. 

Don't paper fit out your ease!  
That's how you move in a garment
That is how fashion happens.   


  1. Love this link thanks
    ...and the tip on taking photos for fitting.

  2. How do you add your seam allowances after paper fitting? I trim on the seamline around all the pattern pieces after drafting my Lutterloh pattern, and tape together with a little removable tape. It works great, but then not sure of the easiest way to add the seam allowances. Do you remake the entire pattern? Thanks! Beth

  3. I add seam allowance before paper fitting. It allows me to connect those seams on my shoulders etc and fit one whole side of my body. I connect the side also. And there is removable tape here in the U.S that I use for this. I have a wonderful little flat measuring device that allows me to choose any side seam allowances. I lay the 1/2" side against the pattern line and just slide it and put a tiny line, I connect them all or just cut out along them. So leave some space when making your pattern and just add those hems and seam allowances and self facings.