Wednesday, July 15, 2009

fabric requirements

Did you know that the Lutterloh patterns have a fabric requirement listing on each pattern?

It has been calculated on a 92 cm bust
(that's just a little less than 36 and a 1/4 inches).
If you are that size then you are very lucky.....Here's why

Look at fashion #67 I need a piece of fabric 135 x 140 cm to cut out a 92 cm bust size pattern.

See that fun summer dress #68 155 x 140 cm makes the whole of it. Pretty nice but if you aren't bust size 92 cm you can just lay all those pattern pieces out.

Remember to add some length if you are taller or want deeper hems. If your pattern pieces don't have seam allowances on them yet lay them out as if they do.

Use a space 1/2 the width your fabric would most likely be. I just lay two tape measures on the floor, one in each direction. Lay out your pattern pieces on grain (it's imaginary) and measure for the length or number of yards of fabric you will have to buy.

It's not hard to lay the pattern pieces out and see just remember you will need the fabric doubled that is why I had you lay the patterns out only 1/2 the fabric width. If the fabric will be 50 wide you will lay your pattern pieces out for 25 inches wide. if you don't do this you will not buy enough fabric. Every pattern piece usually has a front and a back, hence doubled fabric.

There are two numbers on this pattern.

The MM number is for the contrasting edges on the outfits.

The MM number is length you will find the width written on the pattern for the dresses above it lists 3 cm so I need 230 cm x 3 cm.

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  1. For those of us with little children or pets that like to hang around while we work, a couple pieces of masking tape on the kitchen counter or table or even the carpet stay put a little longer. Just measure out your 1/2 width of fabric and lay the tape down for a semi-permanent layout arrangement.