Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some Spring Sewing

So, were you wondering what ever happened with that basic pattern I was slicing and dicing in my previous post - "More Manipulating of Lutterloh Patterns" ?


Well, I finished the outfits for my niece's birthday present. I'm sorry I can't have her model them for you but her birthday isn't for a couple of weeks yet. Here's some photos of the finished outfits nonetheless.

Here's the pattern that I used for the pants. I eliminated most of the details to make the sewing faster. These are just lightweight cotton capris so I didn't see the need for the pockets and fly zipper anyway.

For the pants pattern I still cut out the front pocket piece in case I wanted to use it later. When I cut out the fabric I just taped the leg pattern over the pocket pattern and cut them as one piece. I still drew in the fly extension on the pattern too but I folded it back at the center front dashed line so I could just sew a center front seam there.

It's hard to see the yoke detail in the back but it's there. I used buttonhole elastic in the back only so the front will still lie nice and flat. That buttonhole elastic really is ingenious for thin little children who only seem to get taller but not much bigger around.

I hope you will all consider these kinds of changes to a basic pattern to stretch your Lutterloh catalog. With a little ingenuity and some testing on inexpensive fabric you really can have a bunch more designs in your repertoire.


  1. These clothes are so cute. I also appreciate your encouragement to experiment with Lutterloh patterns to make new designs. In my case, I haven't been very imaginative, but I see how it can be done. Thank you.

    Cheryl in San Diego

  2. This turned out so cute! Nice work!

    I just attended a Lutterloh class for the first time on Saturday. I'm excited to get started sewing this way. Has anyone found any other patterns that work with this sytem? It would be fun if we could share our own designs that go with the system.

    Thanks for sharing your cute clothes!

  3. what you are able to share is how you turned a luttleroh pattern into your own design. You can read some examples on our blog, they are listed in the right bar. There are so many styles you can draw from with the Lutterloh patterns.

    Many of us collect them and enjoy making patterns for other eras' (also posting on the side bar on this)

    Also for those who have been asking Lutterloh is hard to contact and I don't think you will find them willing to make any individual designs. But don't despair! We have been trained with stores of pattern draws that we need to buy a different pattern for each style we want. It's not true. Fashion is repeated, it's also built off some very easy building blocks that you can also work from.

    So collect those pictures of styles you like, learn to sew Lutterloh patterns using the fitting vest and fit it on you very well and we can teach you how to make that style to clicked out of a magazine. Also there are other chat groups devoted to this that you might enjoy. Search under pattern making or fashion and pattern design.

    Welcome all you new Lutterloh owners!

  4. Back in the 80's I bought the Lutterloh system and loved it. I could make clothes for myself and my then teenaged daughter and they always fit.
    In one of my moves the system disappeared.
    I now live in La Paz Baja California Sur. It is impossible to find patterns here. And If I order them online I must wait for a friendd or relative to bring them when they come.
    So I found a recent, used system on Pattern Review. My daughter will be coming in May and bringing the sytem.
    With the price of commercial patterns and the difficulty in getting them, the Lutterloh system makes sense.
    And your blog is wonderful. I can't sleep and I have read all of your 2010 posts and more.
    Thank you, I will be back.

  5. Fonnell,
    I so appreciate your blog. I really want to learn to use the Lutterloh system. I'm realizing it's not a slam dunk, that there will be adjusting of the pattern. I'm working on the sloper per your instructions on this blog (using the vest pattern). In fact I posted some questions at the end of that blog about making the sloper from the vest pattern. I don't know where to post to get an answer. I'm don't know much about blogs. I have lots of questions.

  6. Anna,
    I did get your questions and have been working on some answers for you. If you look on the right hand side of our blog you will see a list of all our past postings. They will get anyone up to speed on making Lutterloh patterns. If you click on the last one 'the evolution of the symbols' that will answer one of your questions. The darts are easy but I want to give you a full answer and it's garden season and I'm outside a lot! soon

  7. Thanks, Fonnell, it feels great just to know we connected. Have fun gardening and I'll be working on my sloper and reading all the posts and checking in every now and then for more posts and help.

  8. Thank you ladies, both!
    I just spent the last several hours reading all the posts you two have created over the last year.
    I can say you two have finally squashed my hemming and hawing about whether or not to try the Lutterloh system... I'm going to go for it!
    I'm actually kind of excited now that I've made the decision.
    I have been contemplating this system for almost two years now, but today was the first time I actually found a LIVE 'community' of people ACTIVELY using it! And to find such a font of information and visual tips to boot!
    Thank you ladies, soo much!

    One question... I actually found a seller that has the measuring kit (the tape and pins etc; I already have my own curves) separately for about a 5th of the retail price of the entire kit. And, I have found several sources to buy the pattern supplements individually.
    Would this be an okay way to start? (Times are a little tight and laying out the 120-150$ for the entire kit is a little cost prohibitive right now.)
    I'm extremely interested in what you would recommend.
    Thanks again,

  9. Yes Yes Yes,

    You don't need more than a Lutterloh tape measure and ANY lutterloh pattern and supplements are a great start. Have you a vest pattern? If you we can show you were to get one so that you make that first of all for fitting reasons.


  10. After looking at the intro video on YouTube, I decided to go ahead and buy the entire set... Will definitely check in once it arrives.
    I'm sure I'll need help with your vest as sloper tutorial...;-)