Monday, August 10, 2009

Announcing Our First Lutterloh Sewcial!

Join Us for a Lutterloh Sewcial!

I hope you have all seen the post about getting ready for our first
Lutterloh Sewcial.

We hope this will be a fun and informative event for everyone!

Our poll reveals that, although we have many readers using older vintage books, a majority are using the more current editions. So, with this in mind we'd like for everyone to pick out a pattern for either pajamas or some other sleepwear from their current collection.

It's a Pajama Party!

This pattern can be for someone besides yourself if you like to sew for others.
If all you have is a vintage book then certainly feel free to sew any sleepwear pattern from that.

As long as this first Sewcial runs smoothly our next one will be a strictly vintage affair so if you'd rather wait, that's fine too.



We would like to request that each participant post some sort of comments on their progress.

This is the best way to know how everyone is progressing as well as give inspiration to our other readers.

These comments can be as simple as an update where you are in the project or as complex as a question with a photo of your problem.

In preparation for the start of the Sewcial we would like a photo or scan of the fashion page for the pattern that you'll be using. This will be a nice way to not only let everyone know what you're working on but will also serve to announce yourself as an official participant in the Sewcial.

Again, your photo can be e-mailed to Ann or Fonnell at the e-mail addresses mentioned above. The photos will all be posted at the end of this announcement in one group.
Feel free to start sending your intended fashion photos as soon as you like.



The official start of the Sewcial is Monday, August 17th, 2009 and will run until Monday, September 14th, 2009.

Don't worry if you can't start right away. Just send you're intended fashion photo when you are ready and we'll add it to the gallery.



When you are finished with your project please send a photo of your completed sleepwear. At the close of our Sewcial we will make a new post with all the photos together in one collection.

So Lutterloh enthusiasts, start leafing through your patterns. We're having our very first Lutterloh Sewcial!

Pam from South Australia's choice - Supplement #271 - pattern #75 & 76Here's Ursula's choice - pajamas pattern #237 & 238
Stephanie in AU will be making the nightgown - pattern #236
Sally's choice for a nightgown - pattern #175Ann's choice - little boys pajamas for a gift - pattern #28 shorts, #29 topBeth has chosen pattern #222 for her nightgownBarbara's vintage 1969 patternMelody's choice - pattern #246 from Supplement 268

Fonnell's pattern is #154 from the 2000 book
winter is cold and damp here.
Ann's Vintage 1964 choice