Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something you might find helpful

I know many beginners find it hard to know where to start when sewing patterns they made themselves. Unless you are seasoned with the step by step of sewing a blouse, pants, a skirt etc you will look at your Lutterloh outfit all cut out and may not know where to start.

I know this is a bit unusual but I am only loyal to helping you enjoy sewing. So here it is. This Bonfit American Fashion sewing instructions book is excellent! It's not very big but very comprehensive. They take an outfit and go step by step though how to sew it. From this you can do it again and again with many styles. It is only one method per fashion piece but that is OK when you are a beginner or even forever if you like. There is fabric advice and interfacing ideas, and step by step for skirt, pants, dress, bodice and jacket.

I got my copy off of eBay but I have seen them on I've put the cover up above so you get the correct one. This one only focuses on how to sewing instructions. Don't get one of the many others put out by Bonfit.

I was surprised to see Connie Amadin Crawford co-wrote this book. She lives here in the Pacific Northwest and my contact with her has always been very positive. She knows her stuff!

Hope this is helpful!