Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tradtional system and X- XX large system which tape for which system

This is our most often asked question in one form or another.  
Let me help everyone understand so when you purchase Lutterloh
you will get the correct tools for making all your families clothes.

1. The traditional system has a tape with a white or cream plastic end.
This can be different depending upon the generation the tape comes from
They all work just fine however check our links on how to place 
your mark with the different generation tapes.

The traditional system pattern books have a mix of patterns, 
something for everyone in the family.
There will be a few knit patterns, and a few patterns for larger women. 
Each has a symbol to show you what the
pattern was designed for.

Check our link for the symbols chart.
#3 on the side bar. 
Also see "The Lutterloh System Symbols page-An evolution"

2. Supplements.  We love the supplements! From all ages.
I have some from the 50's and 60's that take my breath away.
They are still being made and you can purchase them on the web sites 
on our side bar, depending on which country you are in.
Your pattern books contain supplements.
Check our side bar for an article on this. 
There is an older supplement for mature women that
uses the traditional Measuring tape.
These styles are timeless.

I just checked one of the Lutterloh web sites and there is a new
 Fuller Figure supplement and the classic suppliments are nice 
on most everyone also.  

If you are sewing for larger folks
This supplement and the traditional system is for you!

 The X large  XX large tape is the blue on the left

3. The X-large XX large system.  It comes with a tape that is blue.
It does not work on the traditional system
You must use this tape with the x-xx-large system. 

We find that most all women can use the traditional system by choosing styles
that look nice on larger bodies.

The X-large XX Large system has
very large clothing and would only be needed if you find you
are sewing for someone who won't fit anything from the supplements. 

There you have it!
  Every pattern system will require you to make adjustments for
your figure.  You can read some of our postings to help you along.
If you work at making a good fitting vest it will help you know what must be
adjusted in all the Lutterloh patterns.