Sunday, March 18, 2012

missing numbers and where to find them

We love your questions and try to get back to you quickly.  A dress pattern was giving one of you some real problems.  The patten didn't have any numbers on one side.  What to do...

Notice the numbers on one side and no cross to put your tack in.

Here is what you do...
The cross is above the skirt with a pointer aimed at the piece it is for
Now look at the hem line, 
You will see two numbers, one set does the side and one set does the hem.
Put your pin at your measurement for your hip on the tape,
now put that in the cross above the skirt and
make the numbers touching the hem.
Next do the numbers just dangling
below the first set of numbers.
 If when marking these numbers the tape goes into your waist or above
take the pin out and move it to your waist measurement
on the tape and continue.

 It's just that easy.

Please note another issue with this pattern.
The strap & waist piece has numbers on one side also and they will do both 
sides of the pattern.  You will see this with small pattern pieces often

The other thing you will see is pieces with just metric measurements
All you have to do is use those measurements to hand drawn that pattern piece