Monday, April 27, 2015

The Spring Skirt Challenge CLOSED

Kat and Elizabeth are the winners of our random drawing!

If you're new to our blog then you've dropped in at an exciting time! 

It's time for us to reveal our entrants for our highly anticipated 

Spring Skirt Challenge!   
All fashion drawings Copyright Modeverlag Lutterloh
This is what Ruth has to say about her Lutterloh pattern:

My name is Ruth and I live in the UK.

The pattern that I've used is from the latest supplement 296 and the number is 177. The fabric is linen and was donated by a very dear friend.

I've only been using Lutterloh patterns since the start of this year and this is my fifth item - so far so good and your blog has been a fantastic help in answering my questions.

I was inspired to make this by a RTW skirt and used an embroidery machine to create the patterned fabric. The only problem was that the pattern did not include much overlap which was fine when standing up but made the skirt too revealing(!) when sitting down, so instead of folding the facing back on the underlay section I just turned a narrow hem.

I always use Janome or Elna machines as I work for the company. The embroidery motifs were stitched out on their fabulous MC15000.

Best wishes

Here's Kat's take on the challenge:

My name is Kat. I live in the USA.

The pattern number is 186 and the year is 2010. (This is one of my original and only set.)

I have only made three things with Lutterloh.  I plan on sewing more when I retire in September!

I liked this pattern because it was quick and simple. I did have a problem with the waistband but I figured that out! (I have a 48 inch hip measurement.)

I use a portable Brother sewing machine.

My sister and I each picked out the same material to make the same skirt because we each have the same top and needed something to match it. I don't know if she's going to be able to participate in the contest because she had hand surgery shortly after we purchased our material.

Thank you for inspiring me to sew!

Ann's Project for Skirt Month

Most of you know me as Ann in Calif. (USA)

I used pattern 162 from the current 2015 supplement #296. The fabric is similar to a very lightweight twill.
Jo Ann's Fabrics calls this cotton/poly blend their Easy Wash and Care fabric.

I've been using Lutterloh patterns since 2008 when I started looking for pattern drafting software.
The learning curve for Lutterloh patterns is so much less daunting.

The drawing out process for these patterns still fascinates me. This pattern didn't have any issues except for pockets that are so shallow as to be nearly useless. I will move the pleats in front closer to the center so I can enlarge the pocket bags another half inch at least.

The machines I use most are a Brother 4500D sewing/embroidery machine and a Babylock Enlighten serger.

Here is Marty's entry for Skirt Month

My name is Marty and I live in USA. Because we each have the same top and needed something to match it, my sister Kat and I chose the same 100% cotton material in sour apple to make our skirts.  

The pattern I picked is #224 from 2010, a slightly different pattern than the one Kat chose.  The reason I chose this super easy pattern was because it has a flap for the back slit, which sewed up great! I am 5'2" and my hip measurement is 104 cm. I used an older Singer Stylus, model 734.

I purchased the Lutterloh system three years ago, but I was a little intimidated by the pattern making method until now.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and am three weeks out from joint surgery on two fingers of my right hand and, except for cutting the material, creating the pattern and whipping up this skirt was a breeze!  I have only made two things with Lutterloh, both skirts, but I plan to get busy and increase my wardrobe this summer.
Thank you for inspiring me to sew!

Elizabeth's skirt for the challenge

Hello my name is Elizabeth, I am from the Chicago area in the United States. The pattern I chose came with my Fashion Kit. The pattern number is 246 from 2011.

 Since I am very new to sewing I don't know exactly what material I chose but it looks like linen. I got it at my local Hancock Fabric store from the clearance rack, it was a steal...yeah! This is only my second pattern, my first one was a knit fabric skirt but did not have the time to take the pictures to post it. 

What I like the most about the system is that if I make a mistake all I have to do is re-draw the pattern. I don't have to worry about cutting on the wrong line for my size. Another thing I like is I don't have to figure out what's my size when I go to the fabric store. Last time I bought a pattern they were closing the store before I was ready so I hurried and grabbed a couple of patterns just to come back the following day to return them because they were too small. I loved that I can draw it for my size. When I drew the pattern for my skirt, I measured my hip as instructed but the pattern did not seem to reflect my size, so I added a couple of inches to my waist ....yes, a couple of inches! So I cut my skirt and to my surprise when I tried it on it was a couple of inches too big on my waist. It was difficult for me to put it together because of the lack of instructions, nothing a couple of You tube videos couldn't handle. I wanted to keep my skirt girly so I chose to skip the buttons and I did tone on tone embroidery but m​​y pictures are not good I don't think you can see it. I used an invisible zipper on the back. 

The machine I used to make my skirt is a Singer Patchwork.

I have signed up for a True Fit class at my local Hancock store which is coming up on June 3,2015 ...I can hardly wait for it. 

Keep sewing!


Check out the original post with rules for the challenge here:

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Spring Skirt Challenge!

We told you we had a surprise in store and here it is!
We are declaring April "Skirt Month" on our Lutterloh blog! 

 The Skirt Challenge is now CLOSED
See the finished skirts on this post here.

  Two lucky winners will receive the newest Lutterloh supplement 
#296 pictured below! 
 (We do have a few others available if you already own this one.)

Skirts are fun, relatively easy, and come in so many styles to suit almost any figure.
Did you see Fonnell's post about skirts posted last week?

We hope this got your creative juices flowing because we are hosting a little non-competitive challenge right here on our blog. 
Come join in the fun! 

We invite you to sew along with us this month any Lutterloh skirt pattern you have in your collection. At the end of the month we'll all have a new skirt to wear!

Here are just a few rules we would like everyone to follow:
  • Make any skirt from any Lutterloh pattern you have. (The skirt can be for anyone.)
  • All participants will be entered into a drawing for a Lutterloh supplement.
  • Two different winners will be chosen by random drawing.
  • The project must be started and submitted between now and April 30, 2015.
  • Each entrant must submit a finished garment photo and answer a few questions about their Lutterloh experience.
  • All entries must be submitted in English.
  • Multiple entries allowed if made from a different pattern or for a different person. 
  • Winners will be announced the first week of May.

Once your skirt is complete please send a comment to this post with your e-mail address (we won't post these) so we can tell you where to send your photo. 
Along with your photo please submit your answers to these few questions about your Lutterloh experience:

  • What is your first name and country where you live?
  • What was the pattern you used (listed as year and number) and the fabric you used?
  • How long have you been using Lutterloh patterns or the number of patterns you've made?
  • What did you like about the pattern/process; did you have any difficulties?
  • What sewing machine do you use?

 We're hoping everyone can learn from this fun project so if you have questions or need help please send them as a comment to this post so everyone can read the answers.

Alright then Lutterloh enthusiasts, Start Your Engines! It's Skirt Month!!!