Thursday, December 7, 2017

Make something for the holidays

It's such a lovely time of year
So many parties and gatherings.

Bernice shows us a Lutterloh creation from a simple Lutterloh dress pattern

Here is another one of my  creations from a simple dress pattern (N° 216 - 2015).

An assymetrical dress :

I was always looking out to make an asymmetrical top or dress pattern and since I wanted to make my friend a gift. I chose this simple dress pattern and modified it. 

Design changes in the original pattern :

After drafting this pattern I drew a curved line from the front neck line to the right side and a little below the waste. I drew 12 lines like rays of the sun from this curved line towards the left side. I separated the two parts. For the left side of the pattern I closed the center dart and opened it in the side. For the right side of the pattern I cut along the lines leaving 1 cm at the edge. Next I spread each piece equal distance from each other and with cellotape kept them in place on another sheet of paper. Then I cut out the new paper pattern.

Placing the 2 front parts on the fabric I cut them out. After stitching the underarm dart for the left side, I pinned the pleats of the right side to get its original shape and attached both the right and left side together. I gave more ease for the waist so I didn't need to have a long opening in the back so I kept a small opening just to enter the head.

For the sleeves : I drafted the tee shirt sleeve and transformed it into a petal sleeve.

Difficulties : Though I myself took my friend's measurements I found 2 Lutterloh dress patterns that I drafted were much larger than the normal ease that is given. It was very frustrating not to get things correct at the first attempt. For example the bust measure was 82 cm and Lutterloh was 91 cm - armhole was 42 cm and Lutterloh was 48 cm - waist 68 cm and Lutterloh 84 cm - hips 97 cm and Lutterloh 108 cm. It's not very encouraging for learners to use the Luterloh system when there is too much of adjustment to be made. I have a little experience and a lot of determination to get through so most of the time I succeed in getting what I want.

 It is good to be creative as it helps to be economic too.

Are you all excited to try something new? 
I'd like to take that vest pattern and glitz it up.  

Thanks Bernice!