Saturday, June 23, 2012

Help me out

I want to run a little test. 

 It will help a lot of you out.
It will give the newbies an interesting
look at pattern making. 

If you want to help me out here is what you do
Print out this pattern
Measuring from black line to black line it
should be 13.3 cm wide X 19 cm
When you print it out.

 It is from 2006,
pattern #266
You may already have it.

 Make the Front pattern piece

click on the drawing to enlarge it
Then right click and do a "save as"
When you find your pattern in your computer
right click and turn it to a PDF....If you 
have windows 7 this is very fast and easy.
Be sure you have your printers setting 
so that they Do NOT say "fit to page"
Or any of the change the size comments.
The PDF should print it at the exact size it should be.
I've tested it and it worked perfectly

This is a common simple shape top.
I want to see how many different shapes this one
pattern will make.

I'll post mine and another tomorrow.

When you have your pattern made
 and a photo taken.
Contact me below.
I will soon explain in a posting
all about this.

No one's name will be with their pattern...
Please help me out.
It will be fun!


  1. As anyone who makes lutterloh patterns know you do
  2. go through paper so buy a nice big roll of
  3. pattern paper...Nancy's notions carry some.
  4. I'd much rather fit with paper first and eliminate the
  5. really big problems, than to test everything in fabric. 
Nov 2012 I have only one front pattern (thank you!).  Not enough for a comparison.  If you'd like to add to my collection, follow the directions above  You are only making the top, feel free to adjust
it for your needed corrections if you are experienced.  If not make it as it is in the pattern.