Saturday, October 10, 2009

The first apron photos are in!

Suzanne gave us such a good report and lots of photos I thought it should have it's own posting. There is also a copy of the finished apron on the Apron sewcial posting.


Pinafore apron - #249 Lutterloh vintage – for 6 year old daughter

Materials: Lutterloh pattern, rotary cutter and mat, cardboard pattern board, removable scotch tape and eraser pen ( Clover® Chacopen Water Soluble Eraser Pen- Blue) I fit my children’s clothes on a child’s dress form that can be found on the Atlanta Thread and Supply web site. (Search for promotional coupon on line).

Playing Detective:

1. used the chest measurement for the measurements above the + and the hip measurement for those below the + on the pattern. The eraser pen is a real help when the
dots have to be changed.

2. position the pattern with the dotted side close to the edge of the pattern/tracing paper to accommodate the 37.5 cm. that flares out on the apron.

3. don’t forget to mark the + on your pattern/tracing paper.

4. I had ordered the designer and tailor’s curve when I purchased the kit. Use the designer curve to connect the bottom dots: 37.5, 25 and 24.

5. there appears to be a slight dip at the neckline between 34 and 33.5.

6. to balance the apron pockets, I positioned one where I wanted it and sewed it to the apron. I “balance” pockets, etc. often by sight. I then folded the apron in half and pinned the second pocket over the first pocket. I unfolded the apron and sewed the second pocket.

7. I made 2- 1”wide strips measuring about 15.5 “ long and criss-crossed them on the back. My daughter is able to slip the pinafore over her head and I didn’t need to add any buttons or snaps.

Finished Apron!

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  1. That is an adorable apron! You have done such a lovely job, well done!
    As for me, going to draft and hopefully make a start on my apron this week, am away for most of next week at short notice so time is running short.
    I may piece together fabrics or make it from one- I don't know yet!