Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Dazzle Sewcial

I'm starting to receive holiday invitations and thinking

"What will I wear?"

Join us in a Holiday Sewcial

Look at your pattern book and see what you can turn

into a holiday outfit, a holiday gift, or just some fun sewing!

It's amazing what can happen to a blouse pattern if.....

I use dupioni silk or sparkle buttons, maybe velvet piping

I can add fancy embellishment and my pattern will cry out "Happy Holiday"
Or maybe it's Pj's or a robe you want!

In the spirit of a No Stress Holiday

there is no need to sign up for

this sewcial and no deadlines.

Share your ideas, photos and struggles if any.
Put some Dazzle in your closet!


Start now

Our fashion beauties came from a Dec 1933 French fashion magazine I own
Pam is getting started with a plan!
Well here is my plan for the Holiday Sewcial. Forget about the dress, I’ve changed my mind (I am a woman, right?) Picture this.........beautiful soft flowing peasant blouse made in an embroidered metallic cotton, white & gold,
teamed with a pair of white pants, slim legs, made in textured stretch cotton.
Just ordered my fabric online so back to the quilt while I await its arrival.
Pam from South Australia

The top is #117 from the current book and the pants are from Supplement 257, #31.

Ann managed to get some gift sewing done the week before Christmas

My friend says she's lazy about putting on sunscreen so she requested a rash guard. I just used a raglan sleeve turtleneck pattern and shortened the sleeves.

I always make flannel pajamas for her son for Christmas too!

I used the same pajama pattern for my niece and girled it up with some lace. Because I used a rather boyish print I wanted to change the shape of the top to make it more girly. I used the exact same pattern but folded it at about mid armhole level. I added 1/2 inch seam allowances and cut separate top and bottom bodice pieces giving me a yoke and a skirt piece. To add more fabric for gathering the lower bodice I didn't lay that pattern piece on the fold. Instead I moved it away about 4 inches giving me plenty of extra "ease" to gather onto the top bodice. My niece loved her new jammies and had not a word to say about the boyish print. Guess I can still get away with this with a five year old ;)


  1. Pam from South AustraliaNovember 13, 2009 at 2:02 AM

    Yay. I just decided my next project would be something new for Christmas Day. As my Christmas Day will be hot, my thoughts are turning to cool, summer dress. Colour........white, of course. Another colour for a bit of 'zing'? Mmmm.....might have to think on that one, OR what about some big, chunky bling and keep the dress pristine? I'M IN! Just gotta finish this quilt I'm working on first.

  2. Hi! I've dusted off my Lutterloh system after taking a break from sewing for like 10 years!

    So happy to find your blog!

    Are you still there? You haven't posted for a while.

  3. oh yes we are still here, but we gave everyone the basic information and now we are doing what everyone else is doing....celebrating the holidays. The new year will start another sewcial but join the one above for now and send us photos of your projects!

  4. I'm wondering how Pam is doing, I love your choices and hope you got a bit of time to make them..

  5. I just decided my next project would be something new for Christmas Day. As my Christmas Day will be hot, my thoughts are turning to cool, summer dress.

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  6. Pam from South AustraliaDecember 17, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    You know Murphy's Law. If anything can go wrong, it will! My online fabric order went pear-shaped, then couldn't find a replacement I was happy with. Bugga. Bought some white pants (I'm soooooo ashamed)to wear with a top I already have. The silly season is well and truly here now, with no hope of any sewing happening here until mid-January at earliest! I did finish my quilt though. Does that count for anything? Hope others have managed to get some gorgeous holiday outfits in their wardrobes.

  7. I have drafted a two-part sleeve. What mark indicates where to attach sleeve at shoulder?


  8. Betty,

    You have a very good question. It was one thing that bothered me about the lutterloh patterns, how to place the sleeve in correctly without markings. I learned by drafting my own patterns that you can take a french curve and lay it on the sleeve pattern and where you reserve it you make a mark. You do the same thing on the armscye and when sewing together you use those marks. This would be best if you could see a demo of it so let me make a posting that clearly shows you how to do this. While you wait you can pin in your sleeve, look in a mirror and adjust the placement until it is straight. I promise to get to this posting by monday.

    Thanks for a great question

  9. are the first formal images in this post lutterloh, and if so from what supplement? Thanks

  10. No Tamm, those are not Lutterloh images.