Saturday, February 11, 2012

A New Fitting book that will help you fit any pattern

The complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting
by Sarah Veblen

I've taken several classes from Sarah and was so happy to see this
wonderful book

This is all done with color photos and step by step instructions.
The photos are clear and easy see what is happening.
Each photo is numbered with an explanation for each photo. 

Get a tripod or a step ladder and put your camera on it
take a photo while fitting and compare it to the book photos
you will see what needs to be done.  
Fix it and take another photo
compare again.

Sarah covers everything! 

How to see the problem
How to correct the problem
How to change your paper pattern to reflect the correction.
How to use HBL, my favorite Horizontal Balance line
What order to fit in for the most success

She councils you on how much fitting is too much!  That's good to hear
She uses real women with shapes we can relate to in her photos.  

Nothing is missing from this fitting book!
  READ it from cover to cover
 Mostly you will only need a couple of the corrections
Note these corrections on paper for next time

Once you see what your fitting problems are
life will get so much easier.  
make those same changes on each pattern 
This is why Lutterloh asks you to sew a vest first
it lets you see what changes you need for each pattern

It is best to learn from a simple test pattern. 
1. Make a paper pattern

2. Do a paper fitting
See what might be a problem

3. If you can correct it (as in a shoulder slant)
do it in the paper pattern

4. Make a trial garment from scrap fabric or muslin

5. Take a photo of you in the test garment
Now use the "Perfect fitting"book

Use the photos to match issue you see in your test garment.

Lastly sew with that fashion fabric and enjoy your new outfit.

Do you have to do this each time?

yes and no
You can adjust the paper pattern each time right at the start
You can trust the master pattern to help you fit all the others.

However if I'm making a jacket with a fitted sleeve, or pants
Or a style that looks different than I usually wear I would want
to make a mock up and see if the style is good and if the fit needs 
some adjustment. 

Thank you for bringing this up Fonnell.
 I haven't seen this book yet but have read other very favorable reviews. 

I think the important point here is that until we determine our personal fit issues there is no pattern that is going to fit everyone straight from the drawn stage or envelope. The nice thing with Lutterloh is once you work out your fitting alterations on your trial vest then you can use these same adjustments on every Lutterloh pattern there after. 

Whichever fitting book makes sense to you is the one you should use. 
Whether it be Sandra Betzina's Fast Fit or a book from one of Cynthia Guffey's seminars or, my personal favorite, Fitting and Pattern Alteration by Liechty, Pottberg and Rasband the important thing is to just get started fitting! 

 Once you work out your necessary alterations your sewing will be 
so much more enjoyable and productive!


  1. Hi, I recently purchased this book, and I like it, too. Haven't finished reading it all as yet, but I can see it is very helpful. Actually, your blog is very helpful, too.............Cheryl

  2. I have some favorite video's I'll be reviewing once everyone has time to enjoy this posting.

    If you want to offer your favorite fitting book, video, etc. just post here on this posting.