Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Choosing an outfit for the holidays is never easy,
 unless you can draw up several and see
which paper pattern inspires you!

Pattern 276#
  Supplement #295 Winter

Materials used:
very stretchy lace patterned black knit with a nap
black lining material
black invisible zipper

No seam allowances taken...stretchy fabric, non knit pattern
 knits as stretchy as this need hand basting,
princess line from the arm scye to the hip, the zipper
and the sleeve all were basted
 It saved the dress!
I basted where the tiny pins are
on the photo

I made the neck facing wider so it would sew into
the arm scye and the princess line.  It should give me
no problem with is being larger, and it will make that neck area more stable

I use scissors designed for cutting knits, they have little ridges to hold
the fabric from slipping.   I love these Scissors!

I am only 5'3" so I removed about 4 inches from the length
I did a large bust adjustment
I found the sleeve to be too large and curved the
sides in to make a more fitted sleeve,
I made the sleeves a tiny bit longer but may remove
that if I don't like them this long

The pocket at my hips gave me pause
my fabric has a very busy design.
I left out the back vent also, it just isn't needed
with such stretchy fabric

I can't seem to keep the neck line from
 flipping open into a V.
I am going to redo the facing
 heavier knit interfacing maybe
to hold the neckline better.

I didn't need the zipper...I should have
guessed with this stretchy fabric!

The dress fits perfectly!

Now on to some clothes for the new year!


  1. What a lovely dress and versatile pattern! You are prepared for any event while wearing such a classic silhouette :-)

  2. Thank you La Vonda all I need is my string of pearl on!

  3. Thanks for all the tips. Your extra care was worth it, this dress looks so nice. I was eyeing this pattern too... haven't made anything Lutterloh yet but you've given me incentive. I just bought the kit but am a novice sewer.

  4. Dig right in novice! Get a good sewing book
    we have listed some on the articles on the right.
    read our postings for beginning and make something.

  5. Lovely. I have been eyeing this pattern as well. Might go ahead and order the booklet :) And thank you for being such a wonderful Lutterloh resource. I live in Germany, but don't speak enough German :(

  6. I am always excited to see a garment made from Lutterloh patterns.The only other blogger I have found that regularly sews from Lutterloh is French. Your dress is a very flattering, classic style. Really lovely!

  7. I love seeing this made up! Thanks!! Beth

  8. I love your dress, particularly in that gorgeous fabric! I'm glad you included the close up of it, or we wouldn't be able to see the print on it. I tend to like wearing stretch fabrics, too, but have an awful time fitting them, because the amount of stretch, makes a HUGE difference in how much ease you need to build into your fitting for size. I appreciate you sharing the tip of hand basting. I have found a lot of sewists prefer to use a walking foot on the sewing machine, to avoid the hand basting. Have you ever tried that, & does it help?:

    I've tried the roller foot, & while it works, with some knits, particularly wide wale knits, the roller foot sometimes pushes the upper fabric towards you, instead of feeding evenly. I put the needle down, then lift the presser foot, & smooth the fabric again, then put the foot down & sew again. Sometimes it works perfect, sometimes you may get a little pucker. I also use paper under & sometimes over stretch fabric while cutting & sewing, for better control. Apparently factories use this technique, as well.
    Becky in NC

  9. yes I use a walking foot all the time! I still prefer to hand baste such a light knit. lifting the pressure is a good idea no matter what you are sewing. Thanks for offering that idea.

    if you have a really impossible seam I will put some water soluble stabilizer in the mix but you will need to remove it carefully. One of the best ideas I can offer for knits is careful cutting out of the pattern. It is so easy to get it off. Anything you can do to keep that fabric stable while cutting will make fitting seams that much easier.