Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Vintage sewing projects

This will be my favorite Sewcial.  

I want to start working right away so I can plan 
each detail of my sewing. 
I know I will have to do a large bust adjustment
 I do not have a waist so I have to plan to add for any darts
that go through my waist area.  
My shoulders are small and they slant
 so some shoulder work is something
 I always check (see my posting on shoulders) 

I have three to choose from
I need some Capri's it's gotten so hot,
Not easy to find pants for women in the vintage patterns.

All rights to the drawings belong to the Lutterloh family

So what will it be The vest type top?  The cuffed Capri
or the white top and chevron shirt? 

It takes a bit of looking to find the correct
patterns in the vintage patterns, the older they
are the more places the outfits end up.  
You have to be sure you have
all the parts of any outfit.  

Want to help me choose?
Here's what Ann is working on

I have noticed a decided dearth in Lutterloh patterns made up for men so I'm sewing for my brother this time around. I let him pick the pattern because I do want him to actually wear this shirt after all.  

My brother has finally worn through our father's shirts from the sixties. 
What better way to replace them than actually using a sixties pattern?! 
He has already requested a design change but it's only to the pockets so I agreed. 
I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive!

Please stay tuned for more on sewing vintage Lutterloh Patterns.  


  1. Fonnell,
    Over a year ago I drafted and partially sewed the striped blouse on the right in your first photo. The dart came out too low, and I just gave it up.
    I would like to see you make this one. I am sorting through the 80s right now.

  2. Susan,
    I never sew a dart until I put the top on then I figure out where I need the dart. Next time you sew try this out. leave the darts loose, sew the shoulders and baste the sides, then pinch your darts where you need them. This is something that a pattern will never get right we are all built so differently. So one vote for the blouse!

  3. Hi Fonnell and Ann
    This sewcial is perfect timing as I've just won a 1950s Coupe D'or on Ebay which is winging its way to me from France right now. I can't wait as I know I'll be like a child in a sweetie shop looking through the designs! Assuming it doesn't take too long to get here I'll join in the sewcial. My favourite design from your selection Fonnell is the chevron skirt and white top.
    Ruth in Birmingham, UK


  4. Ruth
    Oh we do know the feeling! You may send in your outfit photos no matter when you complete them! I do hope the mail is quick!