Sunday, August 6, 2017

Guest posting by Bernice

Here I am to present my two outfits made out of 1 pattern (#259-2013)


A raglan top:

This top was chosen because of the raglan sleeve. When I was young we stitched clothes with Magyar sleeves, sleeveless, normal shirt sleeve and the puff sleeve which was simpler and for economical reasons.  Now that I'm sewing on my own for myself and friends I like to try something new.  The shirt sleeve needs more accuracy of starting from the shoulder line whereas the raglan sleeve starts from the neck needs a dart, a few gathers or plain if it is a stretch fabric.  This pattern gives me a perfect fit and I'm sure I'll use it for all my future raglan sleeve patterns.


Design changes in the original pattern:

I wanted to have a different neckline than what the pattern had so:

1-I raised the front neckline by an inch
2-I drew 6 lines from the neckline to the bust line
3-I added 1 inch to the front of the raglan sleeve to correspond with my front neckline.

Then I slit the neckline along the 6 lines I drew, closed the side dart and opened it along the 6 lines.  I placed the paper patterns on the fabric and cut them out.  I stitched 6 darts tapering them from the neckline to the bust line.  I joined the sleeves and stitched the side seams.  A small band was added to the neck.  Since hte collar was a bit loose I stitched 3 rows of elastic on the band.

A Harry Potter Cape

The same pattern that was drafted for my top was used to make a Harry Potter cape.  My colleague's daughter, Sara was invited to a birthday party and the theme was Harry Potter.  So her mother needed a cape for her daughter within a week.  Since I had this pattern already drafted I just needed 2 measurements, the full length and the sleeve length.  So I adjusted the pattern for the length of the cape and the sleeves giving them the necessary shapes. I put a dart in the crown of the sleeves to give it a perfect fit.  I added the hood to the neckline and was able to finish the cape for the birthday party.  It is quite large for her so she can wear it over her clothes like a winter coat and will last her for many more years to come.


Thank you Bernice for this fun look at what can be done with our pattern books!! You surely do enjoy creating.  Can't wait to see what you are planning next.


  1. Such a pretty top and how nice that your friend has a sewing for a friend. 😉

  2. Lovely fabric for your top Bernice. Thanks for showing us another way to use our patterns to get the look we want.