Saturday, November 10, 2012

We aren't gone

Hello Lutterloh pattern makers

We aren't gone.

If you will look on the right side bar we have just covered 
everything we can think of.  We'd still love to hear
from you and get photos of your projects we can post. 
Our side bar is very busy and I've numbered it nicely
but soon I will make it easier, watch for the changes.

So keep making patterns, ask questions for stuff we don't have
and enjoy the up coming holidays.  Maybe your
Lutterloh book has the perfect gift for someone.
A nice evening at my house, is my lutterloh pattern books
a cup of hot cocoa and my husband and dog. 


  1. Thank you for still being here. I am trying to get started sewing again. I have a few health issues to conquer, but my brain still plans to sew. Thanks, Cheryl in San Diego

  2. Ive fallen in love with 50's fashion and the lutterloh patterns work out to be great value on ebay etc.But im plus sized.How does that work?Do i have to buy a ruler from that period?Can i make any lutterloh pattern into a plus size?I presume i need the xxl tape measure?

  3. Not to worry. If you read 1a in the list on the right you will learn more about how this system works. It is a graded system at this point and you only need a current tape measure. Do not order the XXL tape it only work for that book of patterns. You must be very large to enjoy those patterns. Stick with the regular books and tape and do a large bust adjustment etc.

    Yes the 50's styles in the Lutterloh books are breath taking. Enjoy.

  4. I made a pair of silk tap pants from the 1954 book, pattern 209.

  5. how did you taps turn out? Very fun.

  6. I have the system, but I am more interested in making knit fabric (slinky knits) tops. very few of the patterns are marked for knits. and most of the patterns that are like current slinky knit fashions are not marked as knit patterns. My question is this, for knits especially stretchy knits like slinky's, do you size up or down to account for the natural weight stretch of the material?

    I have a super serger that also top stitches, so that isn't a problem. but slinky knit is hard to find and expensive, so I don't want to waste it, if someone knows the answers to my questions already...

    1. Hi Belinda,
      If you read my post here:
      on using knits on a pattern for wovens I think you'll find the many links very useful. You could always try making up your pattern in a similar weight bargain fabric just to see if the ease is right too.

    2. I'm glad you are still here, I am listening! Hope to learn lots from this site... thanks for keeping it up.