Thursday, January 10, 2013

Language issues

We are happy to see people all over the world using Lutterloh.
We are very sorry but we can't use comments that are not in
English and we can't respond as it is a long process to translate.
So our time is better spent writing up new postings. 

May I suggest you contact the Lutterloh representative
in your area for help in a common language.
And Thank you to those who write us in English when
it isn't your 1st language!  


  1. I recently recieved my Lutterloh system. I am a long time sewer but quit sewing clothes because they never fit. I am working on my first pattern!!

  2. Hi DJ,
    I'm hoping that first Lutterloh garment is the fitting vest. Getting a good fit on this garment will tell you which changes, if any, need to be made on all your future Lutterloh patterns.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Everyone keeps talking about the fitting vest and I watched the video but I didn't get a pattern for it when I received my system. Where do I get the pattern for the vest.
    I am so glad I found this site. There is so much helpful informaton!!
    Thanks, DJ

  4. If you go to the new Zealand Lutterloh site, we have listed on the right, Sign up for the free patterns and the vest is included. Hope that helps. Fitting the vest is the best way of knowing how to fit all the patterns in your book. Let us know if you don't find a copy.

  5. Thank you!! I have signed up!

  6. Hello! Im from France and txs for you nice blog!

  7. I received my vest pattern and it fits great! Thank you! I'm now making a skirt (#180) and my question is, when you mark the waist of a skirt do you use the bust measurement or the hip measurement?

  8. DJ, the bust measurement is used for the waist and every dot above the waist. Don't forget to paper fit your pattern before cutting into your fabric.

  9. Hi! I have a question about some of the Lutterloh classic patterns. I am thinking about buying one, but it seems to be labelled for "fuller figure". I am petitte, wear a commercial size six, but I am big-busted, and I am not sure if these patterns would be for me. What do they mean by "fuller figure"?

  10. By fuller figure they mean larger all around. Bust, waist and hip ease have all been added to accommodate a woman with more fluff. Women with a bust measurement of at least 94mm can use these patterns is the recommendation. I will caution you though, I have a bust measurement larger than that but am tallish and average size and these patterns are huge for me. If you are petite I would stick with the regular patterns and just do a full bust adjustment to the pattern once it is drawn.

  11. I also notice that the fuller figure patterns don't have a waist, there are more
    straight unfitted lines in the patterns. They seem to be broader across the back also.

    Ann is wise to suggest the regular patterns with a full bust adjustment.

    Being petite, you will find Lutterloh patterns are perfect for you however check the length issues, is the waist where you want, are the sleeves short enough, are the pants way too long.

    It is easy to shorten pants use a line made between the knee and the bottom to shorten at. A line between the bust apex and the waist to shorten a bodice. ETC. Do you see that for a petite you may need to shorten things but DON'T shorten them on the bottom edges and you'll get a better fit. I can explain it differently if that doesn't make sense.

  12. Hello Everyone,

    First, I would like to express that I love this site. I am new at Lutterloh, but have sewn for years. My question is: where can I get another "tape measure" like the one that came with my kit?

    Cheryl G.

  13. Please contact a lutterloh sales site for product. We just teach how to draft the pattern. You can find the sites we are aware of on the right hand bar or our blog.


  14. I just got my Lutterloh set last week and I am excited!! I am plus size, my LL measurements: bust- 123 and hips-142, and I am 5'2 :(
    My other issue is I've got a a spine condition that makes me look like I'm walking bent over. I've got special edition #23 and 2 other but I'm not sure of their editions but I *think* there are some patterns for plus sized women like myself. I LOVE the vintage dress patterns and my grandmother said I was born in the wrong era for lovely clothes; I would like to make a fitted top with darts, a full skirt and a nice little belt to accent a wait I do not have :)
    I can't tell you how much money I've spent on commercial patterns that do not fit anywhere. Just like a guine sack. I also paid named Clare Kennedy $180 for a 3 day class to take my measurements, make a pattern for me while I cute out the shirt...blah...blah...blah. Yep it never got finished and now resides in the pile with the pile of wasted fabric. Sometimes I find things to make out of the fabric, a dress for my DG or something else.
    I would love any and all advice you can give me :) Sorry for rambaling, have a wonderful weekend :)


  15. I bought Lutterloh a couple of years ago and it sat on my shelf. I recently drafted and sewed a simple long sleeved t-shirt but found my t-shirt to be way too wide in the shoulders and at least one size too big overall. Not convinced I've been scouring the internet for more info so I can make this system work. I really want to like Lutterloh but I'm just not sure how it will go at this point. The lack of directions is extremely challenging for me.

    After finding your blog, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all that you have done here. I plan to read through all your postings. The little I've read thus far has already helped me gain confidence. So thank you very, very much.

  16. Dot,
    I think your first patterns was drawn too big.
    I suggest you make the Vest and fit it...Fit it
    to just how you'd like your outfits to fit. If the vest is too big make the next size down or up which ever way you need to. Keep doing that until the Vest fits and then adjust the shoulders, the length and those things that must always be corrected like darts.

    good luck to you and do read our postings for help.

  17. Hey Fonnell, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry I hadn't noticed earlier.
    You know, just a few days ago I decided to make that very vest you suggested. However after seeing a video by Sonja (of NZ)on how to measure oneself, I took new measurements. My bust measurement was several cm's larger but my hip, one cm smaller. So I drafted that vest with my new measurements and wouldn't you know it? Apart from a small alteration of the shoulder dart, the vest fits perfectly. Now to move onto more exciting projects. :o)

  18. Hi I have a question for those with many Lutterloh books. I have noticed some overlapping with certain patterns. I have noticed some patterns in more than 1 year. Anyone know which years are not repetitive? Also anyone know which years hardback books were published? What is the difference between the hardback books and 3 ring binders? Anywhere that actually shows the history and pictures of the patterns from years past?

  19. There was an internet site for a short while that attempted to document the history and fashions of the Lutterloh patterns but the Lutterloh family demanded it be taken down sighting copyright infringement. You will always find repetition in the Lutterloh books and binders even in the same year because of the classic nature of their patterns. Since the 1950s the Lutterloh books and binders have been compiled from collections of their past supplements. This is why you'll see repetition of the same patterns from one book to another. The earliest Lutterloh binder I have seen was dated 1967. Somewhere around this time the books were discontinued and the binders were used instead. The only difference I can see between the books and the binders is the size of the paper used and the number of patterns included. You can read my post on finding which supplements are included in your book by using the link on the right sidebar of our blog.

  20. Hi All,
    I am new to the Lutterloh system and i'm really excited. Mine is on it's way at the moment. So much great information on this site I"m so happy I found it!!!....I am an intermediate sewer and I've wanted to create my own patterns for a while, so I do believe this system will aid in the process of my creative juices and also push me to move beyond what I already am doing!!!..Are there any new comers to the system at the moment?

    1. Hi everybody. I'm a newbie too, and like Dot found I had been measuring incorrectly. When I did it properly, my vest draft fit me perfectly except for the shoulder length, but I can rectify that. When I draft a new pattern, is the ease already added so that I only have to add seam and hem allowances or do I have to decide the amount and add ease myself