Thursday, October 16, 2014


You are on the blog that talks about  EVERYTHING LUTTERLOH

I started this blog in 2009 after finding a collection
 of 1950's Lutterloh patterns
It was love at first sight

With my sewing friend Ann we present postings that should help you 
make your Lutterloh pattern & adjust your pattern

We have both tested so many of these sewing patterns,
 for ourselves, family, and friends.
We feel our experience lets us give you the best information
 to make that Lutterloh purchase, or find, work for you!

Soon we will be updating some of our pages 

We are drawing up new fashions and we want to test them
Time to start sewing before the holidays arrive!

Watch for our new up dates.


  1. I love your posts and hope there are a lot more!

  2. Thank you Kathy. We have some fun posts planned very soon so keep checking back.

  3. Can you tell me what it means to have a 45 degree angle on something cut on the fold? Pattern #9 on MMVIII. Thx so much, Sharon

  4. Yes it looks tricky! However you will love the drape on this skirt. The weave on a fabric goes horizontal and vertical. If you can see this easily lay your fabric out so that your fold is on bias. If there is a selvage (edge that shows) you are in luck because you can fold that at right angles and you will have your 45 Degree angle to lay that patterns fold line on.

    The other harder choice is to gently pull a horizontal thread (from an area you won't be cutting) until you can see it's direction clearly, then use that to lay the fabric at a right angle.

    Yes if you are wondering if this takes more fabric you are correct it does but these are very lovely skirts!