Thursday, November 20, 2014

NEW! Lutterloh Supplement 295 Available!

 Have you seen it? The newest Lutterloh Supplement #295 is available on the German Lutterloh site here:

It's also available on the British site here:

Unfortunately we always have to wait a while before its available to order from the U.S. site here:
but we'll be patient. I see some interesting zippered pocket details and lots of knit pullover top patterns. There are three pages of full figure patterns as well as one of the new slim figure patterns. No mens or childrens patterns in this issue though.

Have fun perusing the new patterns so you can start planning your sewing now.

Fonnell and I are making up some Lutterloh fashions that we'll be reviewing soon so stay tuned.


  1. Dear Ann, Hi! Oh these designs are really cool. I like the different fabrics that are available to us now-a-days, such as stretch jerseys, etc. that I have not sewn anything with yet. It looks intriguing. I really like the pants or jeans shown with the brass buttons on the side fronts of them. They remind me of the 1970's sailors' pants or jeans. Now all I need is more money! LOL! Happy sewing! Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy, I have a soft spot for the jerseys and knit fabrics myself. Ya know I have seen plenty of articles on the internet about buying oversized thrift store clothing just to cut them up for yardage. Keep your eyes open at garage and estate sales too. Sometimes folks are just trying to get their closets cleared and will part with fabric for a real steal.