Wednesday, March 25, 2015

With a Twirl & a high heel swing we introduce SKIRTS

Easy to make, fun to wear,
 often a beginners first project, 
I bring you SKIRTS!

The fun in planning your wardrobe is that you can plan your artful silhouette!
Factor in your height, body shape, and fabric and you have the tools to choose
 the skirt that gives you the shape you desire

Silhouettes vary here are some common ones:

straight skirt (equal hip to hem)

Tapered skirt (fits snug at waist and hips tapers from hip to hem)

A-line skirt (hem circumference greater than hip circumference)

Gathered Skirt (equal waist, hip, hem, larger than needed with waist gathered)

Circular Skirt (wow lots of fabric based on 180, 270 and 360 degrees)

Pegged Skirt (hem circumference less than hip circumference)

Trumpet skirt
 (tapers below hip line and flares to hemline,
 the flare larger as hem circumference grows larger)

Gored Skirt is used in many of the styles above
(individual panels or gores that fit collectively around the waist 
gradually flare to hemline)

Lengths go from
 (mid-thigh or above)

(4" or more above knee)
 to knee

 to midi
 (between knee and mid -calf)
to Maxi
 ( Lower calf level) to long ( Ankle)

Avoid stopping a skirt at the largest parts of your leg!

If you have this what to do....
Small waist-fitted waistlines are best, enjoy all the rest!
large Wais
smooth front waistbands with elastic in the back are best, 
avoid too much fullness in waist and hips.
Short Waist
  use narrow waistband or faced waistlines
yokes and dropped waistlines help 
Avoid high and gathered waist treatment 

Long Waist
 choose wider waistbands, high-rise waistlines (unless you are low or full busted)
Mid-calf length is great Mini is not
Large Tummy
 gored, wrapped and A-line, not too much fullness through waist and hips, 
avoid pleats from waistline and fly-front closures.   Keep the front smooth, waistbands narrow.
Wide Hips
  let the fabric skim the hips, avoid Peg skirts that are too narrow near the knee,
avoid side pockets and bias cut skirts with clinging fabric.  Use lengthwise details 

Large Derriere and Waist
Use Gentle fullness and softly gathered skirts
Avoid pencil straight skirts and use A-line and Gored styles
Avoid flared trumpet or ruffles at lower edge they will make you look wider
Avoid yokes and dropped waistlines
handkerchief hems will draw the eye away from your heavy lower torso. 

Flat Derriere
back fullness, yokes or pocket will help in the back
Gathered and elasticized waistline and full, bias-cut skirts will 
add fullness, lucky you!

Long Legs
Great for Divided skirts, tiered and hemline ruffles
Mid-calf and longer styles are perfect
Avoid mini length you'll look out of balance
Short legs
Use Short Skirts you'll look more in balance
avoid short full styles you'll look dumpy.
you can test our mid-calf with heels and see 
which lengths look best on your short legs
Use slim, trim skirt styles and put your
skirt details close to the waistline.   

let's wear more skirts

All pictures are from my current Lutterloh pattern book & graciously given by the Lutterloh family 

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