Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive!

Supplement 287 Model#229 Winter 2012
Color Blocked Knit Dress

There are times in one's life that make sewing a necessity rather than a pleasure. I recently found myself in need of a funeral dress. This dress is the end result, modest and not too colorful.

Pattern Drafting Hints:
I don't usually buy princess seam garments because my full bust makes the whole rest of the garment too big. Fortunately Lutterloh allows you to use your own measurements to achieve a much more flattering fit. I wasn't sure if the princess lines would fall in the right place so I decided to make a test garment from this pattern. Normally I would sew a knit garment with no seam allowances to compensate for the stretch of the fabric but my test fabric only had a little stretch. I decided to use just 1/4" seam allowances for the test.

For the test fabric the extra seam allowance worked just fine. Since the bust area was the only one in question this shortened tunic length was enough for a successful test. Now I have another "run around after the gym" top.

Fabric Used/Suggested: 
The dress is made from a heavier cotton/poly/lycra fabric that Jo Ann's Fabrics refers to as "jeggings" fabric. The tunic is from a ponte knit with a little crosswise stretch and no lengthwise stretch. As long as you don't mind a zipper closure a fabric with just a little stretch should do for this pattern.

Design Changes:
Other than applying my own personal alterations the only changes I made were to use satin edge elastic instead of neck facings and eliminate the side zipper in both garments. Both fabrics were stretchy enough to allow for easy on and off without them.
Closing Tips: 
This pattern went together remarkably well. It may have to do with the sturdier knits I used. I'm not sure I would try this one with a thinner or clingier fabric. Since I managed to eek out the main body of this dress from 1 yard of fabric I'll keep this one around to use up remnants.

Here's hoping you all get in some quality sewing time,

Ann in Calif.


  1. Your dress looks nice in the heavier "jeggings" fabric, what a great tip. I am hoping you can clarify "the only changes I made were to use corded elastic instead of neck facings" because I think of corded elastic as tiny beading elastic. What did you use and how did you apply it? I'd really like to be able to apply this tip. Thanks

  2. As a new Lutterloh user (3 weeks) I love te read everything about it, found your blog and love the tips and tricks. tomorrow I hope to finish a stretchy dress for my daughter, so much fun to see how it just fits perfectly around the body, it's a princess model

  3. The thing I love about princess lines is how easy they are to adjust! Everyone should try this pattern. It looks for fun

  4. D,
    If you take a look at this post:
    You can see a close up of this elastic treatment.

    The only place I've ever seen it for sale is through this eBay seller:

    I hope those web addresses work. Let me know if they don't.