Thursday, October 15, 2015

I am the owner of this bog!

Hi Everyone...This is me....Fonnell.  
I started this blog a long time ago.
I wanted to help you all learn to use
The Lutterloh pattern system.

It's been a long haul and a lot of work!
I am grateful for Ann adding to this blog
she is amazing.

But please don't forget all my work and that I do own and 
manage this blog.
Give me credit once in a while you yahoo folks.
I put my my heart and soul into this blog.


  1. Fonnell, Thank you so much for what you do. I've got nothing but admiration for people who share of their gifts!

  2. Ines,
    very sweet of you! I have loved doing this blog, and welcome any questions.

  3. Your blog is one of my very favorites and I am so glad you are here! Lutterlohs are the patterns I love most and I have learned a great deal here. Please keep teaching, I appreciate it, it helps a lot! :-)

  4. Keep it up Fonnell ! I'm following you from this June.The tips you gave are useful. By nature I like to do complicating things.I bought the kit and I'm making a double side top for myself but this time I used the Lutterloh system. I'll send you a photo soon. Thanks for your work.

  5. I really enjoy this blog. Glad you started it & keep it going because I have a lot of catching up to do! Thanks so much!!!

  6. I would like to stitch the dress (year 2013 model N° 241) for my future daughter in law. I have a polyster transparent cloth that needs to be lined. The dress is made up of 8 pieces. I plan to attach the back and front shoulder lines (cloth and lining separately) then attach the neck lines (cloth to lining), stitch each body part separately with the lined basque, then join them both together at the side seams leaving the left side for the opening. Secondly stitch the side seams of the skirts (cloth and lining) separately, attach the skirt part to the body part and finally add the sleeves.To give it a neat finish on the wrong side I thought of using a bias tape for the sleeves and side seams.I have never stitched a dress with lining and this dress having a basque makes it a little difficult for me. Please give me your advice. I need to know the steps. I'm hesitant but keen on doing this. It is a challenge for me.

    1. Bangles. I hope this is not your first Lutterloh pattern to sew? In looking at this dress if you are using a very light weight fabric and want to line it. Line each piece separately (as in underlining). I think you would get a much better fitting outfit. Or you could do a mix Underline the top and sleeve and make the skirt a full skirt being very careful when doing the hem. My thinking is your lightweight fabric will stretch out of shape easily. If you sew lining to each piece you greatly stabilize it for sewing together as a nice outfit. If you choose to line it as you are thinking you must gently sew around every piece of fashion fabric to stabilize it anyway. If you wish to do a nice seam finish do the Hong kong finish or another finish using a very lightweight fabric. And I can't say enough about a nicely surged finish using your serger!
      I've put some links below to get you started.

    2. Thank you Fonnel for your advice. No this is not my first Lutterloh pattern it is going to be my 2nd. I think I'll make this pattern with cotton fabric first before I do it with light fabric which needs to be lined. Also I'm thinking of trying the difficult patterns on my doll first before I do them for normal sizes to satisfy my ardent desire for sewing, to practice my sewing skills, and to avoid waste. Thank you once again for your help.

    3. Very Wise Bangles! Cotton will do fine on a test run. I too have a fashion doll, it's easy to sew to scale with her. Sounds like you enjoy your sewing.

  7. First off Thank you it has been lovely to hear from so many of you! We truly get better fitting clothes when we master the Lutterloh system.
    Yes I welcome guest posting! We have had more that one sewing challenge and really enjoyed seeing everyone's work.
    Also I want to remind everyone of an Idea I heard from Ann. When you have some down time draw up several patterns, pack them up in envelopes or what ever and keep them ready for when you want a new outfit. I have a whole notebook of pre-drawn ready to go patterns. I will need them for moments around the holidays.

  8. Fonnell, I, too, love this blog. I have found it very helpful in many ways. Perhaps my favourite is the shoulder template in #7 at the side here. So useful; I have pointed it out to other sewists.

    I have found folding all my paper pieces for one pattern together and then securing them with a glass-head, or similar, pin is handy. Thanks once more, Rosemary, NZ