Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive!

Supplement 290 Model #17 - Autumn 2013
Peplum Top with Pencil Skirt

This two piece dress was for a wedding in the mountains on October 1st. The color was perfect for Fall and the short sleeves were just right for our California Indian Summer.

Pattern Drafting Hints:
The princess seams for this top matched up flawlessly after enlarging to my size. The peplum seam fit into the bodice nicely too. There was quite a bit of easing needed to fit the sleeve cap into the armsceye but it was doable with some easing stitches and a lot of steam pressed over a pressing ham. Don't be tempted to end the back zipper of this top at the waist seam. The zipper on this top needs to extend through the waist seam or you won't be able to get it over your shoulders. The eight shaping darts on the skirt are crucial for getting a nice smooth fit over the hips on the pencil skirt.

Fabric Used/Suggested:
This dress made up beautifully in an eggplant colored polyester paisley jacquard. This fabric is a staple at JoAnn's Fabrics in their Silkies selection. There is just a touch of Lycra in this fabric and that did help with a nice smooth fit of the skirt. Because of the peplum a softer, drapier fabric will work best for this set. I made up a test of this top in a lightweight twill and you can see how the firmer fabric makes the peplum stand away from the body.

Design Changes: 
I realize the whole peplum craze is on it's way out but I still love the silhouette for my hourglass figure. You may have noticed that the fashion drawing for this set features a flatter peplum than mine. Every version I've seen made up of this pattern sits flatter in the front but then stands out at the sides. I figured if the sides were going to stand out I would rather add some fullness to the peplum and make it look more purposeful. Below is a photo of my peplum pattern after I split it and spread the pattern to add more fullness at the hem.

Because I didn't want the peplum to stand away from my body like a frill I omitted the facing and just turned and stitched the hem instead. 
The neckline on this pattern is fairly high so on the black top I lowered it by 3/4" and for the final dress lowered it another 1/2" and cut it into a slight V.
The skirt didn't require any alteration except for length. I did stabilize the hem with a strip of knit interfacing and hand stitched the hem once turned up. 

Closing Hints:
I noticed a similar knit peplum top in the newest 2016 supplement so I may use this pattern for a knit top in the near future. The fit of the shoulder princess seams is so flattering and could really lend itself to some nice color blocking. The skirt is an absolute classic and the two shorter and two longer darts both front and back make getting a perfect fit much easier. The skirt pattern could work nicely in a firm stable knit too. Although I put off making this pattern for a long time I'm so glad I finally got around to it. 

So, how do you feel about peplums; are you a fan or not? Please leave your comments below. We check for and post the comments frequently every day.     


  1. That came out really cute! My favorite top has a very slight peplum. It looks cute and doesn't flare at my hip. Hope the wedding went well

  2. What a beautiful outfit; it is so flattering on you. I love the colour and the style. I love peplums on other people, but I haven't ever tried one on myself...I'd have to keep the side flare at a minimum, that is for sure!
    Rosemary, NZ

  3. It is absolutely beautiful on you. That purple shade is wonderful.

  4. Thank you ladies. I wish I hadn't waited so long to make this outfit because I really do feel it's flattering. Even my son who took the photos said so!

  5. I love this. Your version looks so much better than the sketch. Thank you for the helpful tips. I think peplums look good on a lot of different shapes.

  6. Ann, this looks amazing on you.

  7. You look lovely in this dress. I love peplums. To me, they almost always look very feminine, fashion-forward (even if it's actually more of an old-fashioned sewing technique!) and flattering. Also, I'm a belt person, so they are the perfect foil for a belt.

  8. Thank you all for the lovely compliments. I must admit, I do feel pretty when I wear this outfit ;)

  9. Ann,
    I remember our fun emails talking about a certain peplum pattern, and while we thought that we were talking about two different patterns, it was this one!
    I love thempurpl and your change to the neckline. I am still considering this pattern.

  10. Susan, the other view of this pattern is a winner too! I think the shape is ideal for an hourglass figure. All the seams and darts make getting a flattering fit much easier.

  11. I love this outfit! I really like how you increased the fullness of the peplum in the front. FWIW I have made myself two peplum tops in the last week.

    My aunt was recently visiting from England and she brought me her Lullerloh kit as she hasn't used it. This pattern is in this version of the kit; I had tagged the page as one to keep in mind. I'm so glad to have found your blog!

  12. Jacqui, we're glad you found us too! I love a nice peplum top. The princess seams on this pattern make it so easy to get a great fit.