Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Autumn coat guest review

It's nice to see some of our readers are 
 making Lutterloh patterns & sewing them!

Our Guest pattern maker is Bernice
she used a coat pattern from 2013
Here is her report

This autumn I needed to make a coat to wear over my 
sleeveless dress so this pattern attracted my eye. 
It is a princess seam pattern with the dart starting 
from the armhole to the waist line.

The coatee is 52 cm long which is much shorter than all my other coats.
  I bought a black coat that was on sales and I wanted
 to make one exactly the same length (52 cm) 
but a different pattern and colour. 

In fact the normal length was 55 cm after drafting the Lutterloh model but I didn't leave any allowance for the hem and I took in 3 cm. 

After drafting the pattern I only had to cut the armhole of the 
body a little deeper  to match the sleeve. 

All other measurements were a perfect fit. I used some raw silk fabric. 

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't match the sleeve 
seams with the armhole seams as they are usually done.

 I took the risk of lining the coat so
 it was a bit difficult without any instructions 
but I finally achieved what I started. 

It gave me great pleasure
 to do the Lutterloh pattern 


  1. What a classic style Bernice. This should serve your wardrobe well for years to come.

  2. Great to see your jacket Bernice! I also made this pattern in the summer and ended up doing the skirt and top as well. It is a great classic design that slips nicely over a dress or top, Ruth in the UK

  3. Do you all have an email? I would appreciate you looking at a computer sketch of a pattern and see if you can direct me to a similar/coomparable Lutterloh pattern. I cannot post pics in comments. Thanks.

    Oh, and love that I found other Lutterloh fans! I used years ago and recently found in a closet. I think I used the princess seam pattern, where both front and back were princess seams so much it did not make it back into the binder. :(

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  5. I'm sure you will enjoy all our Lutterloh fans, read through our postings and get started again with Lutterloh. We do not offer any services beyond posting what we love to sew! check the lutterloh sites on the side bar and go check out the supplements (click and you will find what is in the supplement) perhaps you will find the pattern for your sketch in one of the supplements. Enjoy.

  6. fireflybreeze,
    If what you're looking for is a vintage pattern there are many sellers on Ebay, Etsy and the like who post many photos of the patterns for sale.