Thursday, June 28, 2018

a quick sew dress

I love this fabric!

It needed a simple line pattern.
Something that would show off the lovely blocks of color.
This is the pattern I choose.

What did I change:
I didn't do any contract fabrics. and left the belt off.  It would just 
be hidden with this strong patterned fabric. I didn't want a pocket
to make the fabric pop out at my hip. 

I loved this fabric so much I bought a vintage bag and shoes long ago
They have cried out to be used.  So glad this dress made up quickly.
The fabric has lots of gold lines on it very pretty.

There is a zipper in the back and a side slit.  
Because I left the belt off I made the vertical darts deeper
 and it helped pull in the fit.

I loved the shape of this dress.  
It wasn't straight and leaves some nice movement wrinkles.
The good kind.

I did add a full facing, it connected the arm facings  and the neck.  It's just 
wide enough to hold everything down nice and flat. This is an update for the older
patterns I would always do! 

Now to work on my flabby arms.  Hand me my 3 pound weights!  
I considered the over jacket but what fabric would ever do this fabric justice?

That beautiful necklace was a gift from my daughter.  She bought it in Haiti when she 
was working the earthquake. 
 I love it. 


  1. Super duper cute. I have definitely looked at that dress design before and found it very nice. What a terrific summer look you made.

    1. we made it for my daughter in law with an off white and contrast of a blue. I don't live near her so am not sure how she ended up liking it.

  2. Very nice dress ! I can imagine it with the gold lines in it, it must look very pretty. Thank you for sharing. I must admit I was a bit disappointed as I missed the contrast trimmings. May I suggest that you use a mustard or dark yellow fabric for the coat. It could be a light weight self color fabric : crèpe or corduroy or poplin or linen... without lining to suit the climate. In this manner it would throw out the colors of your dress and handbag. I'm looking forward to seeing you with the coat. All the best !

    1. Now that is a great idea! I'll look for something that works. We line most everything here, heat is never a problem.

  3. Beautiful fabric, beautiful job!

  4. What a perfect dress to show off the gorgeous fabric! And all the accessories are beautiful :-)

    Rosemary, NZ