Thursday, May 31, 2018

Lutterloh Patterns Come Alive!

Supplement 138 - Model #264 - Autumn 1975
Chef's Apron

Hello again folks. I'm posting this late because I just started a new job! I've started working in a new chocolate shop and they told me I should wear whatever apron I like until the company printed ones are delivered. I knew I had seen a standard BBQ type apron in my older patterns and this is the one I found.

Pattern Drafting Hints: 
You may notice from the fashion drawing that this pattern has a designation letter of W for apron. This is actually a letter that is no longer used in the current symbols key. I guess we modern folks just don't wear aprons as a standard accessory anymore. 

It was nice to see that this pattern actually uses the regular Lutterloh dot to dot type format rather than just a drawing with approximate dimensions listed.
This makes for a nice smooth curve instead of having to guess at it. You still need to estimate where the placement of the pockets should be but at least you can get a custom size in case you're sewing for a particularly large or thin person. So many of the one size fits all aprons you see for sale just don't fit everyone.

Fabric Used/Suggested: 
For my apron I chose a medium weight cotton/polyester twill that I dyed pink just for fun. This should hold up to plenty of washings and the polyester should help it repel stains. Any fabric that is considered a bottom weight should work great for this pattern. I actually already have another one cut out in a pinstripe denim for a gift.

Design Changes: 
The pattern for this apron suggests a pre-measured strap for the neck. I wanted mine to be adjustable so I added a small loop where I could attach two D rings for adjustment. I liked the large pocket on the bottom that is divided by topstitching but I only needed a small pocket at the chest for my candy thermometer.

Closing Hints: 
Overall I'd say this pattern is a keeper. I'll keep it around to use for gifts since it should fit most people of average build. If I need one for someone who is much larger or smaller than myself I can always draw up a new one. 

Once I get settled in this new job I hope to get to some more exciting sewing projects but we'll just have to see how that goes. Sometimes our sewing has to take on a much more utilitarian nature doesn't it?

Happy sewing for now everyone,
Ann in Calif.       


  1. Wow what a great pattern, thank you for your blog and thoughts. Wonder if this pattern bundle is still available
    Hugs x

  2. Thank you Pen. We love sharing our thoughts on the Lutterloh patterns. They're our favorite! I doubt this pattern is still available but it's always worth asking the Lutterloh company.

  3. I think that's a cute little apron. Enjoy the new job.

  4. Well thanks Annette. If nothing else it will be a delicious job.

  5. Your apron came out very well- love the colour, too. Enjoy wearing it at your new job :-)

    Rosemary, NZ

  6. Thanks a bunch Rosemary. I've switched to the company black apron now, much more practical for chocolate work. This pink one will be my new baking apron though.