Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lets go beach combing!!

I started this pair of Capri pants for the hot season

This is a 2001 Lutterloh Pattern

The pattern was as follows:

Zipper in the back
side trouser pockets
narrow leg
front and back darts

The Lutterloh pattern needed some work.  
Pants in any pattern can be tricky.  I redrew the pattern twice
and my recommend for people shaped as I am,
 keep going up to larger and larger sizes.  
Do a tummy adjustment and or
a hindy adjustment. 
It made all the difference in fitting a pair of pants.

I made a tummy adjustment, also moved the hip curve to
just 4 inches down from my waist where I get wider,
then go straight legged.

I made a crotch curve adjustment and was very glad I did.
The Capri legs were much too long!  I took 14 inches off
of it.  So be sure you know your pant length, adjust your pattern in
a straight area of the leg and you may find
you need less fabric than you think.
If you are tall well maybe more fabric! 

Here are the pants.

What would I change?
They flare a little too much I'd narrow the bottom
They fit good in the back because
I added elastic to the back waist band.
it was just too loose.
 I think a curved band instead of a straight waist
band would be in order.  Perhaps more darts and smaller darts in the back too.

I think I would shorten them more.
They are okay at the high ankle, I was making
them to match the pattern drawing.

Let's hope there is enough summer left to enjoy them.
Smoke is too heavy to go outdoors much right now


  1. Congratulations Fonnel I like the way you did the alterations in the front and the back. Good idea for my next pants ! No need of going for larger sizes. Never heard nor seen a zipper in the back. Most often they are in the front or in the side. You did a good job. Yes I too would like them shorter and less wide. Here too autumn seems just around the corner but I'm sure you will use them well.

  2. I grew up in the 50's and 60's and back zippers were the thing! later they went on the side with the pocket. Here in the U.S. women did not ever wear zippers in the front until mid to late 1970's. It was deja Vu zippering them up!

    1. Agree. Back then almost every skirt or pair of pants had a zipper in the back. I have some skirts from the 90s which also have zippers in the back. They had only a one inch underlap so good luck if one needed to do some letting out.