Friday, January 22, 2010

GET SET............


  1. I can't contain the excitement! : )

  2. Hi Fonnell and Ann,

    RE: Knits

    A while back (two years ago) I made a t-shirt from pattern #105 from MMV. I did have to take alot in from the side seams but overall I believe it was the best t-shirt creation I've ever made. I have since used other patterns but believe this one was much better drafted although it had alot of ease. I have since learned that I do need some kind of dart because there is a natural fold that happens at the side of my breast area.

    As I write this I'm having a sewing room built behind my kitchen/dining area and cannot wait to start sewing again!

    Looking forward to the knits posting!!!!!

  3. Ursula,

    This kind of input is what helps us all! Thank you. A dart with a full bust always makes a knit look better thanks for sharing that.

    We are all going to get a handle on the knits soon!

  4. Hi Fonnell and Ann,

    Re: Knits

    I did sew #105 from MMV a couple of years ago. I definitely had to take in alot from the side seams but I believe it was the best drafted pattern I've used so far (I've sewn other t-shirt patterns from the big four companies). I'm really looking forward to the knit posting since I love to sew with knits.

    I'm assuming Lutterloh knit patterns have too much ease?

    As I write this my new sewing room is being built. I'm looking forward to getting back into sewing.

  5. Hi Ursula,

    I wouldn't necessarily say that the Lutterloh patterns have too much ease. It's just that everyone's preference for ease is different. You and I have found that we like less ease in our patterns and Toni has found that she likes more. I think the challenge is in "reading" the fashion drawing for Lutterlohs. I have found a couple of Lutterloh knits patterns lately that sew up just fine. The feature I look for is a distinct tapering inward at the side seams.

  6. Hi Ann and Fonnell,

    I apologize for repeating myself. I thought my first comment did not go through. Thanks for responding to both.