Friday, January 8, 2010

A quick note for new visitors to the blog

I've been hearing some chatter online about vintage and resizing them.
How I love the vintage patterns. You can look though the blog and see some that we have worked with. What is different between the obvious style changes?
Yes there is a whole posting on ease and that is what is the biggest difference.

We have a lot more ease in our clothes now. This ease issue is clearly seen in the way sleeves are done in vintage. Shallow armscye, high caps and yet I like them when relaxed a bit.
I look much better in these sleeves.

You make vintage just like you make today's' lutterloh. Use your correct number on the measuring tape. Make the pattern. You then paper fit and decide what style changes you need and how much ease is needed for you.
Once you understand how Lutterloh patterns are made you will see your tape measure has the power to make any Lutterloh pattern fit you!
Lutterloh designed their fashions on the golden rule. That means the original of the pattern was sized in the balances of the body. You can study more about this system online. I learned it as an art major. The perfect balance found in the human form.
Next when you put find your number on the tape measure and pin it in the middle of the cross of your pattern you are taking that Golden rule pattern and making a graded pattern.
A pattern that goes in increments to create a larger or smaller size.

One pattern (pj top) any size

128 on the tape

84 on the tape

56 on the tape

Pj's for the whole family from one pattern graded

Because of this you can grade any Lutterloh pattern, any time period to your size.
Just plan to update any older styles you don't want to wear on stage!
Do you want more on this subject?
Let us know.....

If you want to see what scanning at different sizes does check the posting above.

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  1. How do you transfer the grainline on the Lutterloh pattern to the one that you are drafting?

  2. Betty,
    Please see the answer under the comments on the last posting. I believe that is where the question was first asked...

  3. Where would the "x" be on vintage patterns?

  4. I'm not sure I understand the question but I think you are asking if a vinatage pattern has an X or a + symbol to note where to put your pin in. It varies where it will be found. If it is outside the garment piece usually an arrow will be pointing at the piece to make. Some people think the X means we are on the bias but I've found that isn't always the case. I think that it's a matter of fitting the symbol inside the garment. Which ever fits best the X or the + you only need the middle so you can put in the pin.

  5. How do you send pics of projects?

  6. Betty

    send j-pegs to