Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Seeing Double

Sign up now! Choose your pattern and group later!
A new year is always full of surprises
2010 will be no exception
This year we start our Sewcial


Double the time to complete

Double the projects

Double the blog masters!

With each new year comes an opportunity to set new goals.

We are no exception here.
Your blog masters have set some goals for themselves too.

Weight loss is a common goal for many at the start of a new year. But how can we stay stylish and comfortably dressed while our size changes? Let's explore Princess styles, and find some extra seams to help, all out of our Lutterloh books.
Fonnell will be starting with this pattern and will discuss some strategies for sewing during weight loss and some hints for fitting larger bodies from the standard sized Lutterloh pattern book..

Supplement 254 - 2004

If you aren't getting the best use out of your current Lutterloh collection join Ann in exploring some ideas for multi-use of the patterns in your Lutterloh collection.

Ann will be starting with this pattern and will consider what changes are needed to use a knit fabric with a pattern intended for wovens.

Supplement 155 - 1979

Would you like to join us in our sewing adventures?

Here's how this double sewcial will work.


Since we'll have two months to complete our projects there's no need to limit yourself to just one.
Just pick any pattern from your collection that meets the criteria and e-mail us a photo of the fashion page (use J-peg format) to let us know you're joining in.
Tell us if you are joining Fonnell or Ann that way we can put your photos, experiences and questions grouped together.
With Double the time you can switch groups when ready. Just e-mail us your next pattern and the double group you wish to join.

Our Double Sewcial will start February 1st and run through March 31st. Feel free to start sending your pattern selection photos anytime now. The directions for where to follow the projects will be posted on the sidebar to refer back to anytime.

Double fun criteria:

Fonnell suggests a princess line (garments with seams going down the body over the bust or tummy to the hem) with as many seams as possible. See the examples below.Skirts, tops, dresses, coats what ever you are wanting to sew right now.

Please avoid knits unless you want that stress

I will offer some hints for my princess line knit top while I am making it.

A wrap skirt looks good on us when we are large or not.

This cute coat in two styles has a princess line that we can do wonders with and a V neck to make us look taller. The 3/4 sleeve helps make us look thinner I'll tell you why during the sewcial

Notice all the pieces in this skirt and it is slim at the waist and hip and fuller below to help balance a wider middle and bust

This dress has lots of seams for fitting

I love this coat I can picture it in several fabrics, loose home weaves and causal denim, maybe a flax or tencel for the soon to come spring


Ann suggests a pattern for wovens with a shape that appeals to you.

Closer fitting styles will mean less ease to remove.

Many patterns can work but very roomy ones will need to have more ease removed.

I will be chronicling my efforts with my wrap dress as I proceed.

As some food for thought take a look at these patterns to convert to knits:

I could see this little girls dress made up in an adorable interlock print.
The center jacket would look smashing in fleece.
Or how about the top and skirt in a slinky knit as the start of a travel wardrobe?

This gathered top would work nicely in a tissue weight T-shirt knit.
The top and pants would be cozy in a soft sweatshirt fleece.
The two dresses scream pique knit to me, like a nice Polo dress.
If you want to join us send us a comment on this posting
and go to the side bar for more information.



  1. I most definitely would like to join you however, I'm not sure which sewcial I will join just yet. You see, I just ordered the Lutterloh system 2 days ago. As soon as I see what has come with my package, I will choose a garment (hopefully more) to sew along with you.
    I'm very excited by my purchase and hopeful that I will be able to create a new wardrobe this year with it. Heaven knows I could do with one. ;)
    ~Dot (Australia)

  2. Joanne in TennesseeJanuary 26, 2010 at 4:37 PM

    Count me in! I am having trouble deciding which group and pattern.

  3. Great, welcome aboard! Fonnell and I will be posting our pages soon so there may be more information there to help you decide. Remember we have 2 months to work on these so you may even be able to fit in both!

  4. I want to join this for sure. I have a used book from the 1990s. I tried making a sloper today, and the pattern came out way too small. The measurements I used were correct. I'm not sure how to deal with this since other numbers will be just guessing.

  5. we have you down to join this sewcial. Can you tell us what the problems were in size(where it didn't fit) and give us the pattern number with a description. I'm guessing you paper fit and that is what told you it was too small?

  6. jamie,

    I'd like to continue our conversation via e-mail. If you will send a comment with your e-mail I will not post it but get a hold of you this way.

    Thanks a bunch

  7. Hello
    I love some of the patterns on this page, but I don;'t have them. Are you able to post the pattern to match the pic?
    The ones i like are the coat pattern 73/74 above and supplement 254/2004
    Many thanks for all your hard work,
    Roseanne aka alice

  8. I'm so sorry. The patterns are copyrighted
    and we can not post them...However every Lutterloh book has a variety of patterns that can be adjusted to look very much the same as above.

    Thanks for asking.