Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vintage is our favorite

No where
 in any pattern company book 
will you find so many 
vintage patterns!

One of my first Lutterloh purchases was from an estate sale.
  It was a gold box full of 1950's & 1960's supplements. 
I was very new to Lutterloh patterns, in that box a world of sewing was 
open to the previous owner and now myself!  There were ball gowns,
baby nappies, robes, aprons, men's shirts, kids play clothes, women's dresses, on
and on the patterns went.

Clearly Lutteloh was a system designed to dress a whole household, a family!
The box came from Brazil, the women had used many of the patterns,
 her notes still on the pages captured in time.  
I felt she left a window into a vintage moment.

Every photo in my collage is a Lutterloh pattern from another time.

I own all of these pattern books.  
Patterns for every aspect of life.

There is a long history in Lutterloh patterns.  
Collected in each book pieces of an era.  
My greatest pleasure is spending an evening
Looking at the vintage Lutterloh pattern books!


  1. The vintage patterns are my absolute favorites as well, such classic detailing and beautiful lines. My biggest challenge with them has been that most of them are cut much closer than I am accustomed to wearing but the necklines and armsyces are so beautiful that they are worth the work.

  2. It's true they are beautiful, but I imagine would take a lot of work to make them fit todays body shapes.

  3. I love the vintage patterns best. I do wish Lutterloh would release special editions of their vintage patterns!

  4. The newest supplement has a vintage pattern in the back of it. You can order it from any of the lutterloh sites we have listed in our right hand bar

  5. I love my vintage Lutterloh books as well!

  6. love my vintage patterns as well, always on the search for my gaps in hard to find