Friday, May 13, 2016

Vintage Lutterloh Reprint

Hey folks, I was just going to peruse the German Lutterloh site for inspiration when I noticed that the newest Supplement #301 is already available. I'm sure many of you will be delighted to see that at the end of the supplement they have reprinted one page from a vintage supplement. I have written Marcus Lutterloh in Germany to ask if this is strictly a reprint or if the pattern has been updated with the modern ladies figure in mind. I will update this post when I get his answer but in the mean time I've included a link below so you can preview the new supplement too.

Here is a quote from Marcus Lutterloh's e-mail reply:

"because of the great demand, we will once in a while publish some vintage  models and patterns in the future supplements. The pattern has been updated with the modern ladies figure!"

Enjoy the preview,

Ann in Calif.


  1. Hi, to order the supplement 301 it not in English,.. Language barrier interested in ordering....

  2. The will be in English is you order from any of the U.S site etc. The web site is over on the side bar.

  3. Adelaide,
    The link is for the preview on the German Lutterloh site. The previews always show up on that site first. Sometimes it can take a couple weeks to become available for order on the U.S. site.

  4. Hi Ann! This is really cool. Can't wait for Mark's answer. In 301 it's really a nice collection! Thanks for posting this! Kathy