Sunday, July 12, 2009

So you have questions

I've have had some really good questions asked and now for the answers.

Question: What does Lutterloh think of our blog? Well yes they know about us and have been talking with us. We are working to comply with their copyrights but you can all help us by not coping the patterns we post. They are for education. The patterns are wonderful for us as an example of what you might see in your own sewing.

Question: Will we really get a supplement of vintage? I sure do hope so. The offer to plan one came to us from Lutterloh. There is an idea of a kit with a tape for the vintage and a supplement of vintage. It's only an idea. Lutterloh suggested we plan it. Time will tell. Another caution for those who haven't sewn from vintage.....They are designed for bodies of long ago. Lutterloh will NOT update them they will stay vintage. You will have to adjust them for today. Ann will have some helps on this as she has updated a few of these vintage patterns

Question: Can we share our mistakes so others can learn from them? Oh course we can. I'm sure the two of us have made plenty of supplies toward the mistake pile. One in point. There was a pattern where every dot was done on the wrong line. I didn't get the half lines yet. Now I get the half lines as oppose to the number line. Little things!

So as our blog gets going again consider us a resource. We will post links to others and maybe as you search you will find all that you need to enjoy your sewing.


  1. What about asking questions to help us construct something? For example, I am working on enlarging 2007-#22, cuffed shorts. I'm not sure how to go about adding the hem allowance with all the cuff lines (the side seams sort of zig-zag in and out to allow for turning of the cuff)as they are drafted. I couldn't find any information on how to handle cuff treatments for Lutterloh with regard to adding hem allowances.

    Thanks you.

  2. Sure Sally, no problem. When I look at that pattern I see 3 fold lines indicated by the dashed lines between your zig zags. I believe, from the fashion photo, that these are intended to be folded in a rolled fashion rather than a true cuff. Either way you fold them the hem should be covered by plenty of fabric so I would either just serge them at the bottom or make a little 1/4" hem. Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks, Ann! Yes, that helps. I just wasn't clear about whether or not to add a hem allowance. I feel so encouraged by this blog! Thank you for making it available to us.

  4. Actually, I know how to do cuffs and how they work. I was really wanting to know how to read the Lutterloh pattern I'm enlarging -- whether or not to add a hem allowance and exactly how to do that since seam and hem allowances have to be added to Lutterlohs. It was a Lutterloh-specific question rather than a cuff-specific question. Maybe that wasn't clear, but it's why I asked here and in the Lutterloh thread at PR. :)

  5. Hi, I have a couple of simple questions, I am making a skirt pattern 20 from xxl kit, it has box pleats, the waistband is smaller by 6cms should add 1cm to each box pleat or should I gather the skirt slightly. Also blouse pattern 19 xxl has 2 grain lines, do I cut it to separate the pieces. Thanks Dawn

  6. Dawn, I think with a 2 inch shortage you might want to redraw the pattern larger. Waist bands should match your waist measurement also but with pleats you need to find that extra fabric with a new size. I'm not looking at your pattern however 2 grain lines do mean you have two pieces. Remember to add seam allowances so you can sew those pattern pieces together.

    1. This is helpful for symbols you might need to work with as is this one