Monday, July 6, 2009

I know you wonder about this system.
Well wonder no more.
This is a place to really get the answers when everyone else is too busy!
We'll post hints, answer questions, have contests
& other fun things to make your sewing enjoyable
Do invite others to look in and join us.

So let's start sewing and stop the worry over this pattern system!

So first off let me say we are not part of the Lutterloh company, family etc.
They are still in business and I will link you to the many things they offer, including their full pattern kits. They are a family run business and they stay very busy.

I am someone who loves to sew and is round & hard to fit patterns on.
I found Lutterloh many years ago and learned a great deal about sewing for myself from using these patterns. I'd like to be able to encourage and help those trying to get to know the system.
All that I offer here is my own judgement and experience.
I spent 20 years sewing wedding gowns an prom dresses and before that
had my own business making dolls and bears. I delight in making beautiful fitting clothes.
I found someone who loves Lutterloh patterns as much as I do. Together we tackle the unknowns. I'm happy to have her to add to this blog. Meet her below.......
Hi, some of you may already know me as Ann in Calif. or maybe even tucci4me. I stumbled on the Lutterloh system a few years ago while I was researching pattern making software. Somehow the thought of taking dozens of measurements for software didn't sound nearly as appealing as only working from two for the Lutterloh patterns. I picked up an older copy of the system at a garage sale and have been hooked ever since. Although I still need to make some minor adjustments to my Lutterloh patterns for height and bust I just think it's so much easier to start with a pattern that's closest to my size to begin with. I hope we can all learn from what we present here. We welcome your questions and suggestions too. Please join us in our Lutterloh adventure!


  1. This site is great! I love my Lutterloh system and look forward to what this site has to offer its users! I think a vintage supplement would be awesome.


  2. oh I love the ones you pictured!! boo hoo me!! LOL