Saturday, July 25, 2009

I had to prove this to myself can the scan size make a difference?

Every body worries that when they scan they will get the wrong size for their pattern

I had to test this and be sure this was really the case. Now I know.

I took an apron pattern and did a pattern at 100% scan. I held the two patterns together against my computer screen's light and they were exactly the same size. Then in another color I made another pattern using 115% and another using 150%. At first I thought the patterns were just cocked on the paper differently, but then I cut out the 100 % pattern and laid it over the other scanned sizes. It was different. Very little at the 115% but plenty at the 150%. As much at 1/3 of an inch all over. So does this matter to you? The darts moved, the neck was slightly off. Maybe it won't be a problem you can't fix.

All the lengths seemed to be fine. You decide.

I do not put pin holes in my patterns, I must scan and use them.

Ann tapes her pattern to the drawing for future reference.

Two great reasons to master scanning your patterns before using them

100% is in pencil
115% is in red lines
150% is in blue lines

All patterns were done in the middle of the cross using the same hole in the pattern paper below

Click to enlarge.

It is very hard to see white pattern paper.
At the very end I re-drew the 100% pattern and laid it over the other two. That is where I found there was as much as 1/3 of an inch off but with layers of white paper the photos didn't show you. Just trust me it was off in the neck, the dart, and the bottom width.

My scanners software allows me to choose the size by percentage and by inches. I find the inches allows me to match things best. I scan the pattern making sure I cut the printing to just around the dark lines around the pattern. I know that many of you struggle with this so check under your setting and find options and see what is possible for you.


  1. Why don't you just make a photocopy?

  2. I think what maybe the most important information in this posting is that when someone suggests you scan and use your patterns at 110% or some other percent you need to understand what it does. It's not clearly like a graded enlarged pattern, It grows in areas that may not be helpful to you.

    Scanned patterns work very well if you make sure it is 100%. So do photocopies.

  3. I think you've explained but I just want to confirm .... Did you match the cross as well as the centre point when you drew the various sizes in this experiment? Thanks

  4. When I drew the patterns I matched the cross of each pattern and laid the pattern over the last pattern to be sure it all matched. When I cut them out I laid each pattern with their centers matching. That is the only way to see what the difference might that point the center no longer mattered. Was that your question? Remember the 150 percent was really the noticable difference, where as the 115 percent was very slight and won't worry me.

  5. How to print if the lutterloh patterns are in pdf format?help me..

    1. There should be a printer symbol at the top of the page or you can click on File then Print. On the pop up screen check current page. This will print just the page showing on your screen.

  6. The reason most people use a PDF format is so you can print it exactly as the item was scanned. Have you tried printing to see what happens? Most people who share patterns will put a penny on the pattern so you have a size point. As for how to print every computer and printer has a different relationship. I find when my printer has a box that says size to page I un-check that I do not want the printer re-sizing what I am printing.